Tattoo of Crosses

There are many variations of cross tattoo designs and the options for getting a tattoo of crosses are   endless. You have to find art and design that is in itself appealing to you. Then, when picking a tattoo of crosses you should consider the origin of the cross tattoo designs you are choosing but to avoid tattoo infection, its symbolism and whether you want to make a purely religious statement, something else entirely different or a combination of both religious and other symbolism. Some variations of tattoo crosses include:

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic cross tattoo has been popular since the 5th or 6th century. These tattoos incorporate typical Celtic design, including Celtic knots. There are long crosses with a circle enclosing the intersections and there are equilateral crosses with circles enclosing the entirety of the design; or no circles at all. Other meanings of Celtic cross tattoos include fertility, the cycles of life and nature and the intersection of the supernatural and natural worlds.

The Christian Cross

Christian crosses can range from simple to complex. Sometimes just a solid black long cross, a Christian cross can also be a crucifix or have a circular application of a “crown of thorns” or other symbolic Christian designs.

The Egyptian Cross

The Egyptian Cross, called an “ankh” has a curved loop at the top of its design. This can at a glance look like a representation of a human being and is the ancient hieroglyphic for life.

The Gothic Cross

A Gothic cross will often include a typical cross with other Gothic or dark design elements. These could include making the cross a part of a larger image or having the cross appear as weaponry or more closely associated with death.

Cross Combinations

A tattoo should always represent who you are individually and therefore there are many cross tattoo designs that include a wide range of other objects, words and symbols. Some popular combinations are tattoo crosses with roses, with biblical phrases, with flags, as part of tribal designs or as part of larger “scene” images.

While this should give you a wide sampling of possible cross tattoo designs for you to choose from, there are many other variations from many assorted cultures and civilizations with a broad range of symbolism and meaning. Make sure to pick the tattoo of crosses that fits your specific desires the best.

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