Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Burning Tongue

The problem of burning tongue is highly disturbing for the sufferers. It makes them unable to eat and chew properly. Not only that, there are few other problems that accompany this irritation, these are dryness and lack of sensation in the mouth. The patient often feels thirsty. It may also give result to burning of lips, gums and the surface of the tongue.

A patient who suffers form burning tongue finds is difficult to taste anything as his/her taste buds get highly affected. The person may either find the foods tasteless or bitter in taste. Sometimes, the patient may also complain that everything he/she eats, smells and tastes like metal!

People who chew tobacco and women who have just entered the stage of menopause are more prone to the problem of a burning tongue. But it has been noticed that this situation may also arise if the victim is a sufferer of dental diseases like swollen gum, bleeding gum, tooth decay (pictures) etc.

But above all, the main reason behind a burning tongue is yeast infection of the oral cavity. Sometimes, hormonal imbalance may also result into sore mouth and burning tongue. You may also become a victim of burning tongue if you are on a high dose of antibiotic medicines. Deficiency of vitamin B12 may also be the reason behind it in some cases.

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