Tattoo of Crosses

There are many variations of cross tattoo designs and the options for getting a tattoo of crosses are   endless. You have to find art and design that is in itself appealing to you. Then, when picking a tattoo of crosses you should consider the origin of the cross tattoo designs you are choosing but to avoid tattoo infection, its symbolism and whether you want to make a purely religious statement, something else entirely different or a combination of both religious and other symbolism. Some variations of tattoo crosses include:

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic cross tattoo has been popular since the 5th or 6th century. These tattoos incorporate typical Celtic design, including Celtic knots. There are long crosses with a circle enclosing the intersections and there are equilateral crosses with circles enclosing the entirety of the design; or no circles at all. Other meanings of Celtic cross tattoos include fertility, the cycles of life and nature and the intersection of the supernatural and natural worlds.

The Christian Cross

Christian crosses can range from simple to complex. Sometimes just a solid black long cross, a Christian cross can also be a crucifix or have a circular application of a “crown of thorns” or other symbolic Christian designs.

The Egyptian Cross

The Egyptian Cross, called an “ankh” has a curved loop at the top of its design. This can at a glance look like a representation of a human being and is the ancient hieroglyphic for life.

The Gothic Cross

A Gothic cross will often include a typical cross with other Gothic or dark design elements. These could include making the cross a part of a larger image or having the cross appear as weaponry or more closely associated with death.

Cross Combinations

A tattoo should always represent who you are individually and therefore there are many cross tattoo designs that include a wide range of other objects, words and symbols. Some popular combinations are tattoo crosses with roses, with biblical phrases, with flags, as part of tribal designs or as part of larger “scene” images.

While this should give you a wide sampling of possible cross tattoo designs for you to choose from, there are many other variations from many assorted cultures and civilizations with a broad range of symbolism and meaning. Make sure to pick the tattoo of crosses that fits your specific desires the best.

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Little bit about Vitiligo

Most common symptoms of vitiligo is light white patches  that develops anywhere on the skin. The most common symptom of this disease is quite visible on the skin of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson also  said, “that vitiligo is a disease that cannot be controlled”

Mixed vitiligo

What is mixed vitiligo? This particular type of disease can be known exactly through the below definition:

It is often witnessed that this skin disorder behavior happens to be quite peculiar. And it also happens that mixed vitiligo differs in pattern and happenings with every sufferer. It happens to be the categorization of vitiligo where the de-pigmentation takes place in more than one pattern simultaneously.

For example, if any patient suffering from the segmental vitiligo, he would be having the signs of Acrofacial vitiligo of white spots on skin than that patient who is having the mixed vitiligo.

Mixed vitiligo, so, is called when the wide out spread of the depigmentation happens where the white patches happen on parts of body.

The treatment can be done through the de pigmentation therapy that is wifely undertaken for vitiligo remedy of such kind.

For this skin condition, other treatments include surgery, tattooing and herbal treatment.

Mucosal Vitiligo

The skin disorder, Vitiligo is the skin disease that creates the pale patches on the skin. These patches are normally white and it is often witnessed that they get wider on the skin. Even in later stages, these pale or white patches start appearing on other body parts and even on or around the genitals.

It is witnessed that the people affected with vitiligo lose their confidence level and try to avoid or mix up with other people. Thus to help these people understand, that this disease is not a life taking one, is much necessary.

Still the permanent cure for this disease has not been derived and the researches have been trying utterly hard to explore a permanent treatment for this disease. Nonetheless there are certain treatments like natural remedies and others to overcome the condition like anti vitiligo oil etc.

There is a kind of vitiligo called Mucosal Vitiligo. In this type of disease, the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and genitals get affected by the condition of skin. When it happens, this is called Mucosal Vitiligo.

The researchers are still unable to understand that how it begins to show since it may happen as generalized or isolated condition.

For the cure of Mucosal Vitiligo, the medical science has still not derived any cure. Therefore the researchers are of the view that the natural formula for the treatment of vitiligo works big time for Mucosal Vitiligo.

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Understanding Structured Settlement

A structured settlement is an arrangement with an insurance company to make periodic payments in exchange for settling a personal injury claim. This type of compensation first appeared in the 1970’s as an alternative to lump sum settlements. They are now part of the statutory tort law of many countries, including the United States. These are sometimes called “periodic payments” and if awarded by a judge at the end of a trial, it is called a “periodic payment judgment”.

Insurance companies are the most common entities that arranged structured settlements. Usually they will purchase an annuity for the purpose of making the payments. Many times, the insurance carrier purchasing the annuity will receive a rebate, commission or both with the annuity. A good lawyer will stipulate, if possible, that any rebates or commissions involved in the structured settlement be paid to the defendant.

There are several benefits to structured settlements; some are tax-free and some can reduce the plaintiff’s tax obligations as a result of the judgment. It protects the plaintiff’s funds from being used up and also from themselves—some people just aren’t good at handling large sums of money or saying no to relatives that want to “share the wealth”, so to speak. If the client has been severely injured and faces long term care and disability, a structured settlement is most likely an ideal solution to cash flow problems he is likely to encounter. It’s also possible such a plaintiff would be better off with a special needs trust rather than a structured settlement, especially if they will be benefiting from Medicaid or other type of public assistance.

Minors benefit from these settlements, too. As well as providing necessities as they are maturing, a structured settlement can pay for college and other important needs. A reputable financial planner can be a real asset in arranging such expenses.

There are just a couple of disadvantages to a structured settlement, the first being completely subjective. Some people feel constrained by the schedule of payments involved, especially since they may have been planning to buy a new house with their settlement or other big ticket item that would consume the entire settlement. Some also feel that investing that money would give better long-term return than the annuities that the defendant had purchased.

Many people will be approached with offers to buy their structured settlements but about two thirds of the states have laws restricting the sales and tax-free settlements are severely restricted when it comes to their sale to a third party. Some insurance companies refuse to transfer the annuities to a third party. And indeed, those who offer to buy annuities aren’t extending that offer to benefit the seller!

Structured Settlements can be a very beneficial way to resolve a lawsuit, to both parties.

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Some Advice For Men Who Want To Date Older Women

You are young man with your whole life ahead of you. There are hundreds, thousands, millions of women available to you. Which women should you date?  For many men, the answer is simple: a young woman. However, many men, more and more, are seeking the companionship of an older woman.

Is there an advantage to dating older women? There definitely can be as dating a younger man. First of all, older women tend to be more mature than their younger counterparts. This can be very important for some men. Some men simply do not like the giggly young girl. They want a real woman. In addition, older women tend to be more stable, especially when it comes to finances. Many men simply do not want the burden of supporting a woman. Another important consideration is that older women usually are better lovers. They’ve been there and they’ve done that. In many cases, they can teach the young man a thing or two. And lastly, they probably will not become pregnant. They may have already had children, but even if they have not, at this stage of their lives they simply do not want any babies.

When dating women, especially older women, there are certain things that men can do to help themselves be more successful. The first thing to do is to be confident. Although an older woman might prefer a younger man for her own reasons, she does not want a child. She wants a confident man who is secure as a person. In order to show confidence, it is recommended that you take her on your first date to someplace where you feel totally comfortable. It is not a bad idea to go to a restaurant that you have previously dined at. This way you can confidently recommend something from the menu.

Another important tip is to know exactly who you are. Although the older woman has likes and needs, you do too. Consider your needs and make sure that they are compatible with hers. Also, it is highly advisable to be at your best. She may be older, but she still has eyes. Dress well, and look your best.

Another important tip is to realistically evaluate the date while it is going on. If it is working, great. If it is not, accept that fact. Do not try to force something that is just not going to happen. You both will be much happier if you cut your losses early.

So should you date a cougar? If you were not aware of it, “cougar” is the term currently in vogue for older women who prefer dating younger men. For many men, the answer is a definite yes. For some, it is no, while for some it is a maybe.

What have you got to lose? You could learn something, you could have a great time, and you just might meet that someone special. So what if she’s older than you? Does it really matter?

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Natural Therapeutic Packages

Meditation, reiki; and bodywork treatments including acupressure, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy, amongst others.

If natural healing modalities interest you, there is a growing variety holistic healing programs in massage treatment. Including, are you aware that you could develop a certificate becoming a holistic massage therapist? Today, experienced massage practitioners earn upright $30 hourly; and expanded client healthcare services, have the possibility to receive much longer.

Holistic healing programs that incorporate massage treatment into your overall curriculum promise for being both personally and professionally enriching. These natural healing courses generally involve 300-500 academic hours in basic health sciences like anatomy and physiology, together with hands-on working chicago deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. Other elective natural health courses which are offered in these holistic healing programs may include massage modalities in reflexology, cranial sacral therapy, myofascial release, Shiatsu, and lymphatic massage, amongst others.

Because patients are placing a greater emphasis on self-healing and natural healthcare methods, persons successfully graduate from numerous holistic healing programs are a welcome addition to your public healthcare industry. In fact, holistic nutritionists, by way of example, can take advantage of a major role in public health as they definitely concentrate on natural techniques to improve overall wellbeing lacking the use of drugs, chemicals and artificial nutrients. Holistic healing programs that supposedly help with nutritional counseling typically involve in-depth studies in anatomy and physiology, vitamins, minerals, holistic dietary nutrition, quantum physics, basic chemistry, enzyme nutrition, metabolism, and far more.

In the event you (or someone you understand) are interested find holistic health courses, let professional training within fast-growing industries like massage treatment, cosmetology, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, among others help you get started! Explore holistic healing programs near you. “>Since you’ve made the amazing choice to pursue certainly one of several holistic healing programs, be assured that you can possess a quality and comprehensive education to realize your professional aspirations with reference to natural and holistic healthcare.

One of the numerous options available in holistic healing programs today includes earning your graduate certificate in holistic health care. While no two courses are identical, healing arts curricula may typically involve working anatomy and physiology, holistic health care and modalities (philosophies and theories of holistic wellness), graphic design, music and poetry therapy, movement therapy, essential oils and herbal remedies, holistic/spiritual counseling and nutrition, biofeedback, meditation, reiki; and bodywork treatments including acupressure, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy, amongst others.

If natural healing modalities interest you, there is a growing variety holistic healing programs in massage treatment. Including, are you aware that you could develop a certificate becoming a holistic massage therapist? Today, experienced massage practitioners earn upright $30 hourly; and expanded client healthcare services, have the possibility to receive much longer.

Holistic healing programs that incorporate massage treatment into your overall curriculum promise for being both personally and professionally enriching. These natural healing courses generally involve 300-500 academic hours in basic health sciences like anatomy and physiology, together with hands-on working chicago deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. Other elective natural health courses which are offered in these holistic healing programs may include massage modalities in reflexology, cranial sacral therapy, myofascial release, Shiatsu, and lymphatic massage, amongst others.

Because patients are placing a greater emphasis on self-healing and natural healthcare methods, persons successfully graduate from numerous holistic healing programs are a welcome addition to your public healthcare industry. In fact, holistic nutritionists, by way of example, can take advantage of a major role in public health as they definitely concentrate on natural techniques to improve overall wellbeing lacking the use of drugs, chemicals and artificial nutrients. Holistic healing programs that supposedly help with nutritional counseling typically involve in-depth studies in anatomy and physiology, vitamins, minerals, holistic dietary nutrition, quantum physics, basic chemistry, enzyme nutrition, metabolism, and far more.

In the event you (or someone you understand) are interested find holistic health courses, let professional training within fast-growing industries like massage treatment, cosmetology, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, among others help you get started! Explore holistic healing programs near you.

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Five Point Web site Pre-Purchase Getting ready List

Before you promote your web page for sale, may perhaps we suggest you put together this substance to conserve on your own time when providing responses and data to likely prospective buyers? You might like to complete a sufficient research on your own, as you would purchase your personal site. What sort of data would you wish to have accessibility to? Prepare yourself that similar data and also have it all set, probably in PDF variety. This is a 12 factor number to assist you put together:What is being sold with all the site? Is definitely the domain, the trademark to your subject material, the design, images, subdomains, customized programming, correlate packages, Ad-sense system, associated names, e-mail promoting clone, participant number, email addresses, all contained in the profit? If that is so, mean against eachother, obviously. Also, this is the time to reveal any associated companies And sites And names, and so forth., that aren’t contained in the profit.Evidently illustrate your site: the goal of your site, your market, and so forth. Spotlight your sites’ Unique Value Offering: why is your site distinctive from other websites? How is your content regularly distinctive from others? What website cms, [Website cms] if any, does your site use? Is the web page all private customized known as? download foobar2000 Joomla !, Drupal, or various other Website cms? What are advantages of choosing that program in excess of one more?Checklist your causes of profits: where by does your revenue originated from? If from several places, number individuals places as well as proportions: member, Let’s Consider Google Adsense, Web Programs, on-web page banner advertising, info-adverts, Pay per click marketing, site associated substance, like Testosterone levels-tshirts, espresso personalize mugs, and so forth. Show these figures in pie or pub index charts. Pics say to an account words and phrases are unable to communicate. Many families love images. Offer them.Checklist your expenditures: your web host, promoting, paycheck and site owner expenditures and how much time you, on your own, shell out looking after your web page. All over again, equity graphs are fantastic.Show where by your income, which is, your good sense of balance after taking away price from profits and looking at your time. Be honest. Integrity mustn’t be the top scheme, it the only real scheme. Stylish prospective buyers are also often beneficial male cow dung sniffers. Do not try to scam buyers with Baloney.Offer statistics: prospective buyers adore to see quantities, statistics, index charts and kitchen tables. The quantity of distinctive strikes each month, variety of associates, expansion fees, fads, Yahoo and googleAndYahooAnd{ Winamp pobierz za darmo GoogleAndDogpile URL sale listings for what key phrases, internet pages found in the big SEs The company position, and so forth.Exactly what does it decide on sustain your web page? Identify the skill level required to maintain web page jogging. How much time is spent producing clone, making the publication, replying to messages, coping with assistance difficulties, contributing quality subject material, and so forth. In brief, number every little thing that should be implemented to maintain web page heading. All over again, tell the truth.Expose any acknowledged troubles: blacklists, YahooAndYahoo and google prohibitions, conflicting disagreements with companies, online marketers, and so forth., to put it differently, entire disclosure. If you fail to fix the issues ahead of the profit, it really is better to achieve the troubles in open up ahead of the profit is closed down, than to encounter a possible highly-priced and bad litigation submit profit.Your asking price. You might like to express your advantages of wondering this cost. Use the over statistics – for profits and income, to justify your cost. If you consider the site has low competition profits places, express what individuals attainable places are in this article. The site may very well be increasing salary and this actuality may well have an impact on a client to cover your skype cost. Talk about what terms and conditions you happen to be presenting entire repayment in advance, or are you prepared to bring with all the correct client? Will you sign a not for-rivalry contract?How want to handle the transfer? An escrow bill? If that is so, which escrow company? Reveal how you choose the transfer process to occur. Be distinct.

There is but one additional action that ought to be additional, but that will help it become an 11 factor number, and the person carries with it an 11 Position Checklist? Haha. That may be, complete a housekeeping. Tidy up the website. Get rid of any personalized images or documents you’ve got kept structural after only you or your administrative employees to examine. Correct any bugs or damaged one-way links. Chance a Xenu. Chance a new validator verify. Are from any of the src or hrefs given to pictures or documents on the hard disk or PhotobucketAndFlckr company accounts? Try a search to discover the chit chat about your site by using a yoursitename + discussion board in the search engines. What do you find? Would you do just about anything about the chit chat before-profit? Exactly what does dress in your site? Ultimately, organizing these 12 merchandise, (oops! 12 merchandise) could save you some time to difficulties and earn the profit within your site commence considerably better. It is going to exhibit any buyers your reliability, which is to be considerably prized by other expert purchasers.

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Your five Techniques for the Perfect Domain Name

Exactly what is a website? A domain address is the area of one’s web site on the web. Your current website will probably be that which you come to be recognized through on the web so it’s important to set things right ..
Every web site on the Internet is labelled with anything known as a Ip which is the actual handle from the site. An average Ip appears like that: One fifty nine.134.Twenty-seven.Sixty four. Recalling a line of figures this way is actually difficult thus affiliate marketing website translates all of the figures in to such as This is in an easier way to consider.

#1 Dot exactly what?
Every domain features what’s called extra time. Essentially the most recognized of such extensions is .com. That, nevertheless, is not the merely style of domain off shoot available. Another highlight is:
.world wide web
If you cannot discover the best .com website you could always opt for the very same domain having a .world wide web off shoot. It might not have the identical band as being a .com however remains to be because simply valuable as being a .com.
These kinds of domain extensions have been orginally suitable for educative and even more proper internet websites. Anybody can sign up a .org nevertheless which means you convey more alternatives for domain assortment.
A more recent review of the particular website activity are generally .data internet domain names. Many of the precious .data internet domain names have been acquired right up over night there is however however a large array of excellent .data internet domain names available. With a bit of ingenuity you can actually create a .data do the job elizabeth.grams.
Bear in mind that nearly all online users usually recall .com with less effort than whatever else.
#2 Branding vs Enterprise Identify
We have an age old question about the whether or not you ought to establish a brand name on the web or perhaps work with a domain that more actually displays your own real organization. Consider The amazon online marketplace for example. The amazon online marketplace carries ebooks on the web. The majority of people establishing a organization can have preferred point out as opposed to The amazon online marketplace features given that founded on its own as being a brand name of world-wide recognition — showing value of building a brand name.
You should make a choice from the 2. Name or perhaps your organization identify. Contemplate how your domain appears to be, the actual way it may possibly look over a organization credit card and ways in which effectively that relates to your organization.
There isn’t any just one appropriate solution to this question. You should decide on why nearly all perception for you, your blog and your organization normally.
#3 Hyphenated or otherwise not
This is yet another subject of question. Should your domain possibly be a unitary phrase or perhaps if your words possibly be segregated through hyphens? You will find benefits and drawbacks to be able to both equally strategies. Sole phrase domains could be simpler to describe, use on header papers in addition to provide loans on their own to be able to brandnames very well.
Sole phrase internet domain names will be in quite, quite limited source.
Hyphenated internet domain names labels could be slighltly more challenging to describe, may not look likewise on going papers and perhaps more difficult to find out as being a brand name. There isn’t any lack of many phrase internet domain names.
The largest gain a hyphenated domain features is the fact that searche machines may “read” the particular domain with less effort. For example within a domain similar to the various search engine are only able to browse the initial phrase “foreign” that is that. It cannot tell whatever else in regards to the web site website.
Should you hyphenated in which to be able to the various search engine can see “foreign”, “holidays” in addition to “online” separate words and therefore sees that this site is about international holidays.
A rightly preferred hyphenated website could be equally as efficient as being a individual phrase website.
#4 Your current Website Registrar
Necessities such as men and women you make payment for to register the particular domain for you. You will find a lot in any other case numerous they then out there thus which one do you decide on? That takes research however issues well worth examining are generally:

Do you continue sole control from the domain or perhaps do the registrar hold some level of treating that?
Search Google for almost any write-ups on serious problems amongst the registrar
Does the particular registrar let you shift the particular domain to an alternative registrar?
Is at this time there an online cp regarding domain supervision?
How straightforward can it be to vary the particular website Servers?

Check around regarding domain registrars. What you truly desire to discover is often a before fulfilled client must concerns before you decide.
#5 Inexpensive Names
You save big money about the domains you get. An average .com domain expenses regarding $15 to register by nearly all registrars. However, you can get the identical domain as little as $7.89 using their company, quite dependable, companies.
Curiously many of the more affordable domain registrars will be more dependable, get a lot fewer write-ups on serious problems and gives similarly excellent customer support for their more costly competition.
Certain not to miss problems with employing a discounted domain registrar? Will it have an effect on your blog in any way? The answer to both equally is often a distinct Simply no.

If you’d like more information on selecting in addition to starting your own website next stop by for that Website Information.

Many of the most beneficial party dresses for women may become noticed listed here, though you can also obtain thermal curtains as well as discount perfume if you pay a visit to much of our internet site

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Comic Sans

Before Mattel infiltrated American homes with Barbie dolls, little girls were reading comic books starring characters they identified with. A 1940s comic book series called Katy Keene by Bill Woggon (of Archie fame) that featured a glamorous pin-up queen as its title character gleaned a strong female readership. Its popularity was partly attributed to reader interaction because Katy would wear clothes designed by her readers. Meanwhile male-targeted, superhero comics Superman and Captain Marvel Adventures led a successful co-existence with female-oriented comics.

But overall interest in comics dwindled after the release of psychologist Dr. Fredric Wertham’s book, Seduction of the Innocent, in 1954. The book’s content aimed to prevent comics from entering the children’s lives — convincing the public that comics dressed in even the faintest themes of romance, gore, and violence were a bad influence. That same year, the Comics Code Authority was established by the comic industry — and in compliance with Wertham’s ideology — censored storylines that contained salacious and gruesome content. Soon, Batman, Katy Keene, and others walked off of shelves, resulting in a comic ghost town.

Meanwhile, other comic distributors revolted in response to Seduction’s release and manufactured their own brand of comics relying on smut, profanity, and gruesome crimes as their selling points. DC Comics was one of the leaders in catapulting the “superhero boom.” Males began dominating the comic industry beginning in the late 1950s, highlighting superheroes and hyper-sexualized beauties in their stories. The new wave of large-chested ladies and masculine heroes consummated handsome profits and a resurgence in comic interest, but female readers and female-centric comic artists weren’t reaping the benefits. The number of women comic readers and creators were few, and ousted from the scene. Comic stores grew to be an increasingly unwelcoming environment for girls.

Fortunately, in the last decade, independent publishers like Fantagraphics and Oni Press have created outlets for comics that stray from climactic superhero adventures and eye-fetching-and-disempowered-female-victim storylines. Underground comic artists and writers are also challenging mainstream and male-dominated comics with their work, all the while managing to delve into sexual issues in ways not necessarily pornographic or hyped. Works by several underground artists and writers such as Colleen Coover, Becca Taylor, Christa Donner, Amitai Sandy, and Noa Abarbanel, show that sex and women can live in a happy and healthy union in comics.

Colleen Coover is a Portland-based author and illustrator of Small Favors, a light-hearted, erotic comic with a hedonistic attitude toward sex. Her stories candidly tackle masturbation and bisexuality. Becca Taylor is a Chicago-based comic artist and the creator of a semi-autobiographical slice-of-life zine, The Wonderful Year,
which concentrates on topics such as gender and sexual orientation. Christa Donner is another Chicago-based artist whose work has received coverage in Punk Planet and The New York Times and whose large-scale work deals with women’s health and body issues drawn from personal experiences that surfaced when modeling for Sassy
magazine as a teenager. Illustrator Amitai Sandy and writer Noa Abarbanel are from Israel and are creators of the graphic novel Shirley: A Sex Comedy, which narrates the story of a sexually adventurous woman whose lewd behavior scares away her many suitors.

Near and far — from Chicago to Israel — I spoke with these artists and writers
about today’s comic culture and how they incorporate sexy storytelling into their comics.

What is your personal approach to dealing with sexuality and relationships in your comics?
Colleen Coover: Small Favors was created with the thought in mind that sex is supposed to be fun, and so I’ve always focused on the playful aspects of sex. I don’t dwell on subjects that would bring me down: jealousy, disease, guilt, or other dramas that we in the real world need to deal with. The relationships in the book reflect that, too. What conflicts there are between characters exist only to increase sexual tension
long enough for it to be released. It’s an idealistic approach, but I figure if you can’t be an idealist in your fantasies, then what’s the point?
Becca Taylor:The Wonderful Year #9 came out of a period where I was questioning a lot of choices about gender that I’ve made since I was a teenager — not really a huge radical re-examining, but like, “Why is it more comfortable to wear jeans, sneakers, and have short hair than wearing makeup, heels, and a skirt?” With that issue, I was looking at where I came from and how I ended up who I am today — as far as gender, sexual orientation, and feminist principles. I also recently drew a
comic for a new Portland comic anthology called Papercutter (Issue #2). The story, “Cherchez La Femme,” is partly about the representation of women’s sexuality in today’s commercial culture and some of the differences between selling your actual body as a street prostitute and selling a sexual fantasy as a well-paid, highly protected Hollywood actress. The idea for that comic somewhat came out of trying to understand my own relationship to beauty as not only a visual artist but also as an
average American woman and an angry feminist.

What is the comics scene like in America — underground and mainstream?
Christa Donner: The U.S. mainstream comics scene is pretty much exactly what you think it is — a bunch of geeky boys  and men working out their social and sexual frustrations via muscle-bound hero types and dangerous vixens whose proportions make Barbie look flat-chested. Going to a major comic convention usually means witnessing guys in ill-fitting superhero outfits attempting to cavort with the girls at the
Playboy booth. The independent comics scene feels much more diverse to me. Though of course there are plenty of sexist dudes and attitudes to be found, there’s an interest in and respect for unique, personal narratives and original characters, which makes women’s contributions more valued. That said, I spent a day at the Small Press Expo in Ohio one year and was treated as though I must be shopping for my

Why do you think the comic and graphic novel industry is dominated by males?
B.T.: It seems like women and girls in this country are not really targeted as comic book consumers, so they are far less likely to ever imagine themselves as comic book producers. I do have to say that from the moment I started drawing comics, I got a lot of encouragement from guys, other cartoonists, reviewers, distributors, and store clerks. At the underground level — at least women comic book artists — we are definitely welcomed and valued.

Have you felt that working with someone of the opposite sex on a sexually graphic novel has created a different dynamic than working with someone of the same sex?
C.C.: The only collaborator I’ve worked with is my boyfriend, writer, Paul Tobin. To work with Paul is the most natural thing in the world, but I would be very uncomfortable to work on a piece of erotic comics with anyone else, male or female. I’ve illustrated erotic fiction before, but prose illustration is far less intimate than the collaboration in comics.
Noa Abarbanel: Yeah. [Amitai and I] bring what she or he understands of the situation, from their gender’s point of view. Every relationship can have endless and different interpretations. I don’t know if it’s just the gender difference or simply that we’re two different people, but between us, we can come up with 20 different ways of looking at things.

What was the motivation and inspiration behind your main characters?
Amitai Sandy: [Noa and I] are both a little like Shirley, in the way that we refuse to act as grown-ups and enjoy acting in an infantile-like manner. We don’t like subduing ourselves and conforming to the standards of political correctness.
N.A.:Shirley is infantile — it’s considered a fear of intimacy. When you grow up, your home becomes cleaner and your things are suddenly more orderly, but all of that orderliness and cleanliness takes a lot of time. Suddenly, things start to bother you even in other people and you are bothered that they don’t grow up and find work. Sex is a metaphor for the place where Shirley feels free. Suddenly, this infantile nature bursts out of her and people react with hysterics because sex is sacred.
A.S.: People can have fun and laugh all day, but the minute they get into bed, they say, “Hold on.” Now we start to desire and be desired to let out groans full of passion, and two minutes after it’s over, you can go back to making jokes. For many people, it really is a bourgeoisie thing and for others, it’s simply what the culture dictates to them. They try to act exactly like what they saw in porn flicks.Shirley also refuses to conform to behavioral norms and is unwilling to change her spots the minute he gets into bed with a guy. The men in her life refuse to accept the fact
that this intelligent and funny chick insists on being herself between the sheets, and therefore, she can’t keep a long-term relationship.

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Staffer’s Hottt Lists

Venus staffers dish up their favorite movies, music experiences, female directors, indie designers, and even “adjectives to revive” of 2005.

by Kristina Francisco, Sounds editor

1. Watching Deerhoof in 100-degree weather at Chicago’s Intonation Fest — being dirty and sweaty and about to die of dehydration but still loving every minute of the set.

2. Throwing a show featuring a favorite, the Blow, in my boyfriend’s basement on a cold fall night.

3. Seeing Bloc Party and realizing that, sometimes, all the hype can be right on point.

4. Finally seeing M.I.A. on her first American tour after listening to Arular for days (then, after the show, talking nonstop about how hot she is).

5. Getting first listens to great albums and interviewing musicians who totally intimidate me, all in the name of Venus.

by Jen Hazen, Sexy editor

1. Daisy and Violet Hilton, 1920s conjoined twins and musicians. Gorgeous ladies who were notorious for their heartbreakin’ ways.

2. Debbie Googe, bass player of My Blood Valentine. Her bass lines carried the band’s music into another realm that no band can ever emulate.

3. Parveen Babi, 1970s Bollywood actress. Stunning beauty, relentless rebel.

4. Ming Tsai, chef and host of Simply Ming. Simply do me … and then cook for me!

5. Edie Sedgwick, icon. Impeccable style and huge doe eyes make her irresistible.

by Emilie Zanger, DIY editor

1. Rena Tom (jewelry)

2. Elizabeth Dye (clothing)

3. Sans Couture (jewelry)

4. Little By Jenny (clothing)

5. Pink Loves Brown (paper goods)

by Krystal Hagan, staff TV guru

1. Neil Patrick Harris: Doogie Howser, M.D., has finally shown up on a somewhat successful sitcom — the Friends-inspired How I Met Your Mother.

2. Henry Winkler/Scott Baio/Jason Bateman: Arrested Development can finally erase Joanie Loves Chachi and The Hogan Family from our collective memory.

3. Matthew Fox: “Foxy” — last seen as hottie big brother Charlie on Party of Five — is now the hero on Lost. Two hit shows? He must’ve used those numbers to win the TV lottery.

4. Ellen DeGeneres: Her biography should be titled “How to Go From Vilified Lesbian Poster-Child of Everything That’s Wrong With America to Lovable Morning Talk Show Host in Less Than 10 Years.”

5. Drea de Matteo: One season, her skankily dressed character is getting whacked on The Sopranos. The next, she’s resurrected and gettin’ her skank on as the sister on Joey. It may be typecasting, but it’s damn good typecasting.

by Rebecca Flint Marx, Film editor

1. Head-On

2. My Summer of Love

3. The Constant Gardener

4. 2046

5. Junebug

Honorable Mention: Capote

by Rebecca Flint Marx, Film editor

1. Must Love Dogs

2. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous

3. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera

4. Eros

5. Monster-in-Law

(dis)Honorable Mention: Pretty Persuasion

by Rebecca Flint Marx, Film editor

1. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

2. In Her Shoes

3. Herbie: Fully Loaded

4. Asylum

5. 9 Songs

by Rebecca Flint Marx, Film editor

1. Alice Wu, Saving Face

2. Lucrecia Martel, The Holy Girl

3. Agnès Jaoui, Look at Me

4. Angela Robinson, Herbie: Fully Loaded and D.E.B.S.

5. Nicole Kassel, The Woodsman

Honorable Mention: Niki Caro, North Country

by Rebecca Flint Marx, Film editor

1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Martin Freeman

2. The Squid and the Whale: Jesse Eisenberg and Jeff Daniels

3. Thumbsucker: Lou Pucci

4. My Summer of Love: Paddy Considine

5. The 40-Year-Old Virgin: Steve Carrell

Honorable Mention (tie): Happy Endings: Jason Ritter; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Noah Taylor

by Ling Ma, Reads editor

Blasé: Referring to the character trait of breezy nonchalance, this lively wisp of a word summons to mind sophisticated Salinger-era teenagers of WASP culture.

Cheshire: Synonymous with mischievous, this adjective recalls the suave canary-eating grin of the cat from Alice in Wonderland. Since it is technically unregistered as an adjective, a sample sentence might read as follows: “As Edith’s Cheshire brown eyes twinkled hardily in the moonlight, Alfred understood the extent of her nefarious passions.”

Luxe: Conveying the idea of luxury as an adjective as opposed to a noun may be economical, but it’s also sooo very luxe.

Passive-aggressive: This word may already be pretty well used, but given its potentially infinite multi-purpose applications, I’m surprised it isn’t used more. This adjective is especially applicable towards: President Bush, youth-targeted marketing, and the annual “Shape issue” of Vogue.

Winsome: A more innocent, inadvertently charming version of the feel-good “charismatic,” being winsome entails something rare: a healthy lack of irony.

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Cookie’s Fortune: How Chinese food became distinctly American

Chinese food has long been integrated into the American culture and dinner rotation — so much so, in fact, that Bush Senior and Junior have bulletproof glass installed at their local joint. New York Times reporter Jennifer 8. Lee does justice to the taken-for-granted — and taken-advantage-of — Chinese food industry in her revealing The Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food.

In exploring the origins of the fortune cookie, Lee traces its passage to ubiquitousness through factual and anecdotal information, following the ventures of the Chinese restaurant workers from their arrival to the United States to the proper empire that exists today.

Today, some 40,000 Chinese restaurants in the US outnumber McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger Kings combined. Writes Lee, “If an environment can support life, then, like bacteria, a Chinese restaurant will find it.” Chinese food has proven to be nothing if not adaptable, adjusting dishes to local taste and produce, from Louisiana’s Szechuan alligator to Philadelphia’s cheese-steak rolls. Beloved dishes like chop suey or General Tso’s chicken — as American as they are foreign — have become the norm, while the Chinese, like Lee’s parents, “inevitably ordered dishes that had eyeballs.”

China, with a record export of immigrants, intrinsically has a natural symbiotic relationship with the US and its record import of immigrants. “As much as the mainstream changes the immigrants, the immigrants change the mainstream,” reveals Lee. Despite the aberration between the food served here and in its native country, a cultural gap has long been merged.

The well-researched Fortune Cookie Chronicles focuses on the vast acts of cultural assimilation: From helping immigrant Jews feel Americanized, to the prominence of Starbucks’ soy lattes, America has become a “wok-fueled dream” and Chinese food the “most pervasive on the planet.” Historical efforts to purge the Chinese (Snake River Massacre of 1887, the Chinese Exclusion Act of the late 1800s) were thwarted by the humble industry their workers forged, eventually deemed non-threatening women’s work by the American machismo mentality.

But the creation of the empire was lined with sweat and blood. Their smuggled arrivals, costing them tens of thousands to slave on American soil, made figures like Sister Ping multimillionaires, perched atop “the apex of an international empire.” The everyday perils of Chinese food deliverymen, “one of the most vulnerable species in the urban eco-system,” are no easy reward, either. Writes Lee, “Death is only the lowest point in what is almost universally the miserable existence of a Chinese restaurant worker.”

Initiated as a study of the history and fate of the cookie’s cuisine, Lee’s journey spanning 23 countries in six continents becomes personal — and certainly for this reason is engaging and thorough.

The Fortune Cookie Chronicles depict modern America as not a melting pot, but a stir-fry: “Our ingredients remain distinct, but our flavors blend together in a sauce shared by all.” As a book about food, its lack of culinary description may leave the salivary glands unsatiated — but that’s forgivable, due to its focus on the cultural end, in which it leaves no stone unturned.

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