How to Find the Cheapest Wine

You may enjoy a good glass of wine. Wine can get very expensive, however, and you may want to look for money-saving measures. There are different ways that you can save on wine.

First, see if you can find a reasonably priced wine that you like instead of spending money on one that is far more money. Many people would be just as happy with a less expensive wine that is a fraction of the cost. Of course it can get expensive if you go out and try every different types of wine, so one option is to go to a wine tasting so you can sample many different types of wine without spending a lot of money. If you find a less expensive one that you like, then stick with that. Some people even enjoy wine that comes in a box instead of a bottle!

One great way to find inexpensive wines that are rated highly is to look at a review website such as Consumer Reports. They list the different wines and rate them. You can look for a highly rated wine that is not too expensive.

You should also consider where you buy your wine. For instance, Costco offers many different types of wines, which are very good and extremely reasonable. They have all different types in different sizes. Peruse their inventory to see what you might like. You will also find many other discount stores that sell wine. Even among liquor or more expensive stores, the prices can range. Price around for the wines that you like.

You can also look for sales. Many stores offer sales on wines just as they do on other products and you may be able to save. Also, some wines may come in larger quantities and be cheaper if you buy more.  For instance, many stores offer a case discount. If you always drink the same wine and will go through a lot, then this can be the way to go.

Some people will even make their own wine to enjoy. You can come up with your own creation from relatively inexpensive ingredients and come up with your own wine. This can be a fun option for a lot of people.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to enjoy delicious wine. Try one or more of the above strategies to save money on this popular product.

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How to keep Drinks Cold for your Party

Many of you probably don’t have the time to go to the shops and buy coolers, so there are some hack’s that should help you.

Remember the old little pools that you had when you were a child? or even the little pool your little kid has, well that should help, fill that pool with ice or very cold water and put the drinks there. Don’t forget to place it in the shade.

A wheelbarrow would be great too, but clean it before, you use it.. Fill the wheelbarrow with ice then put the drinks in, if you don’t have that much ice, fill bags or balloons with water, then freeze them, that won’t last as long as the ice but it will help.

If you need to keep a juice or a punch cold just cut some fruit, freeze them, then put them in the punch.

If it’s an indoor party, you can use a tub, fill it with ice or with cold water, and put the drinks there. Try it with the cold water because you can change it anytime. Never try to fill the toilet with ice and put the drinks there, never.

In an out-door party, the easiest way to keep the drinks cold are if you clean some pails, fill them with ice and fill them with the bottles.

If it’s a night college party the most fun way to keep the drinks cold is of course if you fill your pool with cold water, put the drinks (if they’re in bottles) in the water and let them float, it gives an awesome image.

There is a cool trick for a party, before the party, keep the good drinks cold, when there’s one hour till the party fill a bowl with the liquid from the drinks and place some gummy bears in there, the gummy bears will stay cold longer and it would surprise everyone.

How to give the wine an awesome look and keep it cold longer.

Okay it’s easy to keep the drinks cold when they are in the bottle or if you put a lot of ice in it. But when we’re talking about a casual party you can’t fill the cup with ice, then use this idea. Cut the watermelons in any shapes, especially stars, freeze them then put them in the drink, put in only one or two, because it will give a good look.

Make freeze soda from coke, okay everybody knows that drinks that are more ice than water, so this is how to make it.

Put the bottle in the freezer for 50 minutes, then get them out , it won’t be totally frozen so after you put it in a cup , you will get a cool cold drink.

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How to Make Dry Ice Punch

How to Make a Halloween Punch With a Spooky Touch.

For your Halloween party you can turn even the simplest of party fixtures into a great piece of Halloween decor. You can turn ordinary punch bowl beverages into Halloween approved goodness with some creativity and dry ice.

Using dry ice to make a Halloween punch bowl that is functional and cool looking.

First you need to purchase dry ice. You can buy dry ice at a wide range of places, including places ranging from superstores to special effects stores. You should only need a small amount to pull off the Halloween smoking punch bowl. You will also need two punch bowls, one must be able to fit inside the other one.

Take the largest punch bowl and place it on the table. Take the dry ice and break it up in the bowl. Be careful to wear gloves, directly touching the dry ice can cause burns. Do not use a lot of force to break up the ice as this can cause shards to hit you and those around you. For best results, do not break up the ice until right before the party.

In the small punch bowl, prepare your Halloween drink of choice. Whether or not this punch is spiked is up to you and depends on your guests. You can use any beverage option that you want to use in the punch bowl.

Carefully place the small and filled punch bowl inside the large punch bowl. Place it overtop the dry ice being careful not to get any dry ice inside the small bowl.

Place the whole set up in a well ventilated area as inhaling dry ice fumes can cause discomfort and place it in an area slightly away from other foods and drinks.

Your dry ice punch bowl should produce smoke for at least an hour or so depending on how much dry ice was used. You can add small bits of dry ice to the larger punch bowl throughout the party to keep the smoke going. However too much dry ice will produce high levels of smoke which can make it difficult to see the punch bowl and serving spoon. Too much smoke can also irritate your guest’s skin as they reach into the smoke to get to the punch bowl serving spoon.

Be sure to clean out both bowls completely before using them again for another purpose.

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How to Make Candied Coffee Drinks

Coffee lovers can be adventurous in their quest for finding the perfect brew. Some are willing to buy beans and grind the coffee themselves, some are willing to spend a little extra and order specialty coffees online and some frequent the local coffeehouse in search of that special flavor. Why are coffee drinkers willing to go to such lengths for their brew? Simply because the chase is part of the fun.

When it comes to flavored coffees, there are several ways to obtain them: pre-packaged, at a coffee shop, with additives like creamer and syrups and by adding spices to the grounds before brewing. One of the easiest ways is by making candied coffee. This type of flavored coffee drink can be made hot or cold by a few different methods.

Flavored extracts

These are really easy to use by simply adding 1 tsp (can be altered for personal preference) of your favorite extract to a pot of brewed coffee. Extracts come in such a wide variety of yummy flavors, you can experiment with a different one everyday. Not to mention how wonderful your kitchen will smell after that extract is stirred into a hot pot of coffee.

The nice thing about using extracts is that they are light and will not make your coffee seem too thick like flavored creamer can. The other good thing is extracts are less messy. Flavored creamer bottles tend to drip and get you sticky each time you want to use some.


This is much easier than you might think. All you really need is a sweet tooth and the candy to cure it! Get out your trusty blender and start adding the ingredients. 

1 cup of brewed coffee

Choice of candy, like a chocolate candy bar cut into small pieces or candy canes, crushed

1/4 cup of milk or cream 

1 tsp of sugar

Blend until the drink is fairly smooth and then pour into your favorite mug. This can be heated if warm coffee is desired. If a cold drink is desired, add ice before blending. 

A fun addition to this candied coffee is by topping the finished drink with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles or candy cane pieces. This may not be a coffee drink you want to have everyday due to the high calorie content, but they can be a wonderful special treat. 

Candy flavoring oil

These oils are used specifically for making candy and are slightly different from extracts. One big difference is the variety of flavors they come in! You could have cotton candy flavored coffee, for example, by using these flavoring oils. 

The method is the same as adding regular extracts, add 1 tsp (adjust for preference) to a pot of brewed coffee. Keep in mind that candy flavoring oils are pretty strong, so a little bit will go a long way in dressing up your morning coffee.

Try one or all of the methods to take your flavored coffee experience to a whole new candied level. The good thing about all of the methods is that the ingredients needed are not expensive and can be used for more than making delicious coffee drinks.

There is just something about candied coffee that makes it even more enjoyable than a normal cup. Candied coffee is easy to make and is perfect for guests, a blustery winter day or a summer time cookout. 

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