How Soon After Conception Can You Take A Pregnancy Test

These days, I’m sure that there are lots of women wondering on “how soon after conception can you take a pregnancy test?” It is a fact that taking a pregnancy test can be a stressful situation for all women, and I think it might be the best thing to tell you all you have to know about this test.

First of all, the basic of pregnancy test is you’re going to test your urine with it, so that the HCG or the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin can be detected. Well, before you test your urine with a pregnancy test, usually doctors will recommend you to wait for another week until you have missed your period. But, knowing that more technologies are being developed, there are pregnancy test that can detect early test results such as Early Response and Clearblue Easy.Occasionally, early pregnancy test can be done 6-8 days after conception since it can detect HCG levels up to 20 mIU. However, when you’re trying to take an early pregnancy test, you have to make sure that you don’t take the test too early since implantation will only occur 6-12 days after ovulation and it will cause the pregnancy test will give a false negative result. On the other situation, you also might get a false positive result if you already received an HCG shot before artificial insemination.

To put it simple, you have to know about the current situation of yourself before taking a pregnancy test, so that it won’t give you a false result.Home pregnancy test may also vary in the term of price since there is a pregnancy test with lines, and a digital pregnancy test. So, it is up to your decision to buy which product since they will give you the same outcome. As a reminder, before you decide to buy a pregnancy test, make sure that you’re in the right time to use it and also know how to use it so that you won’t get disappointed because of your own mistakes. When you’re taking a home pregnancy test, it would be best for you to wait until you missed your period, so that the result of the home pregnancy test will be mostly accurate.However, if you’ve done every step correctly when you’re using the home pregnancy test and you still feel skeptical about it, it is recommended for you to take a blood test to double-check and get a more accurate answer about your pregnancy.

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